Bitcoin Casino Sites

bitcoinYou’ve heard about digital currency casinos and everything they’re offering players: from the utmost in deposit security to the most innovative gameplay experience that online casino gaming has seen in the past decade. However, what exactly is this all about and what do you need to know about the platform as a whole?

Bitcoin Casino Sites

So, what exactly are Bitcoin casinos and how do they differ from the norm? Cryptocurrency casinos are based on the premise that casino gaming should be cutting edge and innovative. For too long, the gaming community has been in an almost static state, where no real evolution has been seen. That is, until digital currencies burst onto the scene and brought with it the creative and entrepreneurial spirits that have driven them to the successful online transaction option that they are today. One of the most innovative creations to grace the digital currency casino scene are live dealers. Live dealers are literally that: dealers who are performing the actions associated with a game through a broadcast being transmitted to the players. In essence, this gives players a truly live gaming experience that closely simulates what it’s like to be in a casino. With all of the closures, changing laws, and various events changing the landscape of Bitcoin gambling in North America and Europe, players will now never be short of the thrills of casino gaming!

Best Bitcoin Casino Site of 2016

By now, you’re probably ready to jump into all of what bitcoin casino sites have to offer, so what’s the best one out there? There are different schools of thought on this topic, but the two names that stands out from the rest are and They are the pioneers behind the innovative nature of digital currency casino gaming and live dealers on the Internet. Besides this, the platform is renowned for its security and high replay value, which keeps players coming back from the moment they sign up!

About Bitcoin

What is it about this currency that’s causing so many players to take it on board? Well, one of the biggest selling points about Bitcoin and its relation to casino gaming is the fact that it’s decentralized. That is, no one single body controls the supply of coins and it remains the property of those who own it. Ultimately, this means no government can legally seize casino bankrolls: something that happened during the catastrophic events of Black Friday that changed the online poker and indeed online casino gaming communities in the United States permanently. Generally speaking, Bitcoin is a new form of currency: a digital currency. Bitcoins are used to complete transactions on the Internet in place of credit cards and fiat currencies, while providing unrivalled anonymity and security in all of the transactions taking place across the network. Those who use the currency agree that it provides a protection that simply isn’t available when using the more conventional payment options and this additional layer of security has become such a necessity on the Internet today.