Use Bitcoin to Deposit into Your Neteller Account

netellerYou are going to find that some of the most forward thinking online money transfer companies are always looking to expand into new market places, and this is certainly the case with Neteller, for this is one of the most used e wallet providers in the world who offers an all in one web wallet type service that allows online gamblers to seamlessly move money around the web into and out of gaming sites with the highest levels f security.

Neteller have been around for years now, and have up until this moment in time only offered a small limited number of ways that users are able to top up their eWallet, and no matter which option a user chooses to fund their account there has always been fees and charges attached to doing so.

However, in a surprising move Neteller have just added Bitcoin as a depositing option and as such anyone who has one of their e wallets and also has access to Bitcoins in a Bitcoin Wallet can now move funds directly into their Neteller account instantly.

One of the main advantages of using Bitcoin to fund your Neteller account is that you can do so without attracting any fees or charges what so ever, and a such we are expecting a large number of people, more so those who like to gamble online to make use of this newly added depositing option offered by Neteller.

If you are unsure of the services that Neteller have on offer, the below you will find an overview of each of the different ways you can use your e wallet, which will be of interest to anyone looking for a way of funding an online casino account without using their bank accounts to directly fund those accounts.

Free To Open – You can open a Neteller account in a matter of minutes to do so you simply need to fill out their online registration form and you will then be issued with your own unique log into details to access your newly opened account. There are no fees or charges to open a Neteller account and as such you should consider opening one if you do intend to gamble online in the very near future, as by doing so you will always have that option available to you to withdrawal winnings from any Bitcoin casino site.

Be aware though that when you open your Neteller account you will have some modest account limits in place but to be able to increase those limits and get your Neteller account fully verified you will have to supply them with copies of your identification documents which should not take too long to do.

Instant Transfers – As soon as you select the Neteller option at any online casino site you are going to be able to send money directly into that casino account, you simply need to enter the amount that you wish to deposit and fill in your Neteller account details and as long as you have cleared funds in that account then you casino account will instantly be credited with those funds.

You can of course top up your Neteller account at any time, and as mentioned above if you choose to use Bitcoin as the funding option then you are not going to have to pay any additional fees or charges to do so.

You can use a debit or credit card to top up your Neteller account and a range of other depositing options but each of those additional funding methods do attract a small fee which will be a percentage of your deposited amount.

Get Paid Winnings to Neteller – If you have chosen to fund any online casino account or in fact any online gambling account and have had a winning session then you will of course be able to get those winnings paid back to your Neteller account. By doing so you will often find the casino or gambling set is going to pay you instantly once your withdrawal request has been processed.

If you choose to withdraw your winnings back to a debit card or request a bank wire then you will find those withdrawal options can take many days to be processed and to be credited back to your debit card or bank account, and the fees and charges you will have to pay when opting to use a bank wire for example can be excessive.

With that in mind and as all withdrawal request you make that are sent back to your Neteller account then you could and in fact will save a small fortune on those charges, so make sure that you do open up a Neteller account as the benefits of doing so are always on offer.

Pre Paid Debit Card Option – You may be wondering how you can get any cash you have in your Neteller account sent back to you or how you can access it. At any time of the day or night you can request a withdrawal from your Neteller account and can choose to have those funds sent directly into your bank account if of course you have a bank account linked to your Neteller account.

However, there is another way that you can access those funds and that is by applying for a Neteller Debit Card. That is a pre pad debit card that is directly linked up to your Neteller account and as such any and all funds you have in that account can be accessed by that debit card.

The debit card is MasterCard and as such you will be able to use it to purchase items from any retail outlet that accepts MasterCard or you can choose to withdraw funds from any ATM. There will however a few small nominal fees and charges attached to using that pre paid MasterCard but it will be very hand for accessing your Neteller held funds at any time of the day or night without you having to wait for the money to be sent to your back account.

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