Bitcoin Craps

One of the games that’s just starting to make the rounds throughout casinos in the online world, especially digital currency ones, is craps. This often neglected game isn’t the most popular game out there and it’s quite easy to misunderstand how to play it, since few casino games are played with dice compared to cards or even machines. However, it is a game that’s quickly becoming recognized in the digital currency casino world, thus is something that players should be familiar with if they’re looking to expand their portfolio of games and want to add a bit to their bankroll.

Selecting The Dice

Similar to the way it’s played in a physical casino, players will have the opportunity to select two of five dice that are presented by the dealer. This is usually done by clicking two dice, then confirming the selection. The unused dice will return to the dealer’s bowl and presented back to the player during subsequent shoots. There are no hard rules regarding which dice can and can’t be selected during a game, so players are free to choose the same twice dice should they be proving themselves to be “lucky”. However, it’s not unusual for the dice to be randomized when playing online, so the same two selections might not actually be the same two dice.

Shooting The Dice

The objective of the game is to place bets based on whether or not a particular value will win or lose. These values are presented on a double-fold table, where the centre line determines the separation between winning and losing selections. Players place their bets on a table layout similar to roulette, then await the shooter to roll the dice and reveal whether or not the selections are winning ones.

Betting Strategies

When players are observing from the sidelines, then they’re in full control of where to place their bets. One of the most effective betting strategies is to use the pass line bet. If the shooter rolls a seven or 11, then the player who placed the bet automatically wins. However, should the shooter roll a two, three, or 12, then the player will lose the pass line bet. Any other number than the aforementioned ones will become a point number and the player must roll the exact same point number in order to continue shooting. This repeats itself until the point number isn’t rolled or the shooter manages to roll a seven or 11, which will result in a win for the player.

Players may also want to look into placing odds bets. These occur after the point number is established and allow players to make additional bets based on whether or not the shooter will actually roll that point number. With each passing shot, players are allowed to make further odds bets to increase their winnings, with different point numbers carrying different payouts. At the very least, players will often be looking at payouts of 2:1 for numbers between four and 10.