Bitcoin Live Dealer Casinos

One of the biggest drawing abilities that digital currency casinos bring to the table are its firm grounding in new, cutting edge technology. This is evident in the live dealer casino, of which mBitCasino is a pioneer for this sort of gaming experience. However, what exactly are live dealers casinos and what do players need to know about gaming on these very unique, innovative platforms? Let’s find out.

Online Interactivity

One of the key components of playing on a live dealer casino is the interactivity that it brings to the experience. So many casinos are content with the idea that players should just sit and look at faceless, flat images of the actions being performed in front of them. While some players are also attracted to this idea and will choose to play slot machines, video poker, and the like, others would rather have a more realistic casino experience: hence, the live dealer experience.

What this is in a nutshell is live dealers will be broadcast to the player’s computer and will perform actions as requested, like dealing cards or spinning the roulette wheel. In the case of mBitCasino as previously mentioned, the dealers are based in a purpose-built television studio in Eastern Europe that’s broadcasting the actions as they happen to players all around the world.

So, how does interactivity relate to this? As with the majority of casino games, each game includes an embedded chat room, where players can converse with the dealer. For the most part, most live dealers will be happy to chit-chat with players as the games go on. They also tend to be very welcoming to new players: for example, when a new player joins the table, it’s not unusual for that player to be greeted by his screen name or even his first name.

The Replay Factor

One argument that’s made for live dealers over faceless imagery is that it enhances the replay factor of the games themselves. This is indeed the case when looking at the overgrowing popularity of Bitcoin casinos as a whole. Bitcoin games are attracting a wide audience, from those who are seeking security in their deposits because of the certainty that decentralized currencies cannot be seized by any government as the supply isn’t controlled by one unique entity, to players who are looking for something a little out of the ordinary for their games.

Choosing Your Game

Live dealer casino games each benefit from having a live dealer present throughout the gaming experience, but each provide a different experience in terms of what the dealer actually brings to the table per se. Roulette is seen as a lesser interactive game, since the dealer doesn’t place any bets on behalf of the player. Conversely, blackjack is highly interactive, since players will be required to draw cards that the dealer will remove from a physical deck. This doesn’t mean players should give up their love of roulette just because it isn’t interactive enough for them. It does mean that players should shop around in order to find their best fit.

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