Bitcoin Live Dealer Blackjack

When it comes to the live dealer experience on digital currency casinos, blackjack is often seen as the pinnacle of everything that the platform has to offer. Digital currencies aren’t any stranger to innovation, so players can rest assured that their live dealer blackjack experience is going to be one that’s unmatched in the rest of the casino world: particularly those that are focused on faceless imagery that two-dimensional, flat graphics. Why is this the case? Let’s review what live dealer blackjack is and what it brings to the table.

Defining Live Dealer Blackjack

One thing that separates live dealer games from other forms of casino games are the high levels of interactivity that live dealer games have to offer. When playing live dealer blackjack, players will be treated to an actual casino dealer who is broadcasting the game’s actions from a remote location. Each hit, card draw, and action is accented by the dealer’s prompts and movements, so players receive a more in-depth and realistic casino experience.

Needless to say, this is quite different to other forms of casino games, where players just click buttons and watch cards appear in front of them. This lacks any sort of interactivity since players will just be playing the game with themselves. There could possibly be an embedded chat room, but this only connects players with each other. With live dealers, it often connects them with each other and the dealer, who will normally chit-chat with players as they’re talking amongst themselves or directly to the dealer.

How It Works

mBitCasino is one of the pioneers in the live dealer gaming experience, but experiences are typical across the board. When players join the game, they’re typically greeted by their screen name or even their first name, then will be instructed to place their bets at the appropriate time. The dealer will then close the table to bets and begin dealing the cards onto the table. These cards are often scanned, as the Bitcoin network along with other digital currencies keep close tabs on the goings on that are happening around the network to ensure fairness (especially if that particular casino is registered with the Provably Fair database).

Once the dealer has dealt the cards, then it’s up to the player to decide how they wish to act in that particular instance. They’ll be able to hit, stand, or double down in most scenarios. In keeping with the casino spirit, the dealer will often encourage doubling down for instances like holding an eleven, which could increase to a twenty-one. However, players aren’t in any way obligated to double down if they don’t believe it’s going to be a financially successful move, which will prove itself when players become more well-grounded in their blackjack strategy. Bitcoin casinos are a lot like real casinos, especially with the live dealer experience. It’s all about how players approach the table and what they’re doing to see themselves winning more often than not.