Live Bitcoin Dice Games

You are going to find a range of live dealer casino games on offer at mBit Casino and what makes those games highly entertaining is that they have been designed as unique standalone games that you will never have seen nor played anywhere else online.

One brand new game which has just gone live is their dice based game on which the live dealer will put five dice into a container, secure the lid, then give them a good shake and will then release them onto the table and as such thanks to this being a live dealer game you are then able to watch the dice rolling out across the table.


It will be the up facing sides of the dice that will be used to determine the outcome of that roll of those five dice, and before the dice are tossed you have a range of different betting opportunities on offer to you, if you predict the correct outcome from any of those listed below, then you are paid out at the associated win odds. Here is the range of betting opportunities offered on this brand new Bitcoin live dealer casino game:

Combination Bet Options – You are able to place a bet on there being at least one pair being rolled in and this bet will reward you with a payout of 1.04 if you place it and at least one pair is then rolled in. You will be rewarded with payout odds of 3.50 if you pick the two pairs betting option, this will be deemed to be a winning outcome if two different pairs of numbers are then rolled in.

A three of a kind set of dice will see you getting paid out at odds of 4.45 and if the dice are in sequence meaning the dice have the numbers 1 to 5 showing then payout odds of 50.00 are returned this is also the same for a 2 to 6 winning sequence bet.

If you wish too you can place a bet on which all of the up facing sides of the five dice will be showing different numbers and the payout odds for that bet is 10.00, pick the any pair and one triple betting option and if that is the outcome you are paid out at odds of 23.00, a four of a kind bet returned payout odds of 40.00 and a five of a kind bet have payout odds of a massive 500.00.

Numbers Betting – You can bet that at least two dice will be rolled in with the same number showing and the payout odds on that wagering opportunity are 5.50, pick three numbers to be rolled in and if these numbers do show on three dice you are paid out at odds of 25.00. Pick one number to be rolled in and you will be paid out at odds of 1.55 plus you can also pick a number that will not be rolled in and the payout odds if that bet is successful are 2.35.

You are also going to place a range of bets and wagers on the total sum of the numbers  rolled in on the five dice and each spread of rolled in number betting options has their own associated set of payout odds. Plus you can also place bets on a certain number of the dice being odd or even numbers, and much like every other wagering opportunity offered on this new live dealer dice game at mBit Casino a range of different payout odds are on offer on each betting opportunity.