Live Bitcoin Lottery Games

You are never going to go short in regards to the different types of games you can play at mBit Casino, for alongside their usual collection of casino games, which for reference include hundreds of slot machines, video poker games and of course plenty of different card and table game variants you are going to find a range of live dealer games on offer.

One recently added live dealer game which is getting a lot of attention from players, mainly due to the very large payouts that can be awarded whenever you play it is their new Lottery based game. This game is played with a live video stream being broadcast from the Lottery Lounge and as soon as you launch the game you will see the live dealer along with the lottery machine itself.


You have a few minutes to place your chosen wagers, of which we have an overview of listed below, and once the onscreen timer reaches zero the dealer will then send the machine into action and out of that machine 6 balls will be drawn out live.

There are forty nine lottery balls in the machine and those are of course the numbers one to forty nine. You will find there are in fact two camera angles which will be displayed on your screen the first is a wide angel type shot showing the Lottery Lounge including a full shot of the lottery machine and the dealer, and a second zoom animation camera angle will show you in crystal clear clarity each of the six numbers rolling out of the lottery machine.

Below are the range of different betting opportunities offer on the mBit Casinos new live dealer lottery game, this is a multi stake game and as such you are freely able to play it for stakes you can comfortably afford to play for, all winning payouts you achieve are added to your casino account balance at the completion of each game played off.

The forty nine lottery balls that are in play on this game share one of two different colours, the even number balls are all coloured yellow whilst the odd numbered balls are all coloured red. Below is an overview of the wagering opportunities offered to you on this game.

Bet on Numbers – You are able to bet on any of the individual balls to be drawn out of the machine and as such if you have your own lucky numbers which could be your age, birthday or in fact any numbers that mean something to you then you can nominate those numbers as your chosen ones and the more of them you pick out and the more of them you match the more you stand to win.

Bet on Colours – As mentioned above the balls are all split up into two different colours, the odds balls are all coloured red whilst the even numbered balls are all coloured yellow. A range of different betting options are available on this lottery based game and as such you can select a certain number of balls to be drawn out of the machine that shares the same colour.

Bet on Sums – One final type of bet that you may be interested in placing will see you trying to predict whether the total value of all of the balls drawn out of the machine when added together will fall into one of several different spreads of numbers. There are a range of different payouts that can be achieved via these different sum betting options including some high valued ones for the rarer outcomes of the draw.