Bitcoin Live Dealer Roulette

live-dealer-rouletteThe digital currency casino realm is one that’s dominated by innovative and cutting edge technologies. None of these are more apparent than the live dealer, who follows the goings on in the game and responds accordingly. Roulette isn’t necessarily seen as one of the most interactive games on the casino floor when it comes to having a dealer around, but indeed having a live dealer at the wheel completely separates the experience from just some faceless image and evolves it to something much more special than the gaming norm.

Defining Live Dealer Roulette

So, what exactly is a live dealer game? In a nutshell, a live dealer game is where players join a live broadcast happening somewhere and participate in the game in the presence of a dealer who spins the wheel and confirms the validity of the spin. Dealers are also seen as interactive in the sense that they’re happy to chat with players as the game goes on, which is done through the embedded chat room that typically accents the game happening on the screen.

Choosing Live Dealer Games

Why should players choose these games? For the simple fact that they’re unlike the norm when it comes to casino gaming on the Internet. Digital currency casinos have gone a long way in separating themselves from the rest of the pack, from being innovative in their approach through to being one of the most secure options when it comes to protecting a bankroll. However, are these necessarily selling points for the live dealer? Not really. The biggest selling point for the live dealer is the fact that players are treating themselves to an experience they wouldn’t otherwise have on one of the many casinos on the Internet today, which are just faced on two-dimensional images and other static things.

There’s also a greater sense of authenticity when it comes to live dealer roulette. When players are playing in the presence of a dealer and watching the wheel spin, they know for a fact that the wheel isn’t being tampered with and have a second pair of eyes to confirm that the spin was indeed valid and permissible. This goes a long way in establishing trust in the gaming community, something that’s been sorely missed for a long while.

How It Works

When players first join the table, they’re greeted by the dealer and instructed to place their bets at the appropriate time. Dealers won’t be placing any bets on the roulette board, but will spin the wheel at the appropriate time. After this happens, the dealer confirms whether or not the spin was valid and announces the winning number along with any pairing combinations to players. The process then returns to the betting stage, where players place their bets on the board once more and await the dealer’s spin.

Throughout this, players may message the dealer through the embedded chatroom to ask questions and receive live responses, or to just simply converse with the dealer.