Live Bitcoin Wheel of Fortune Games

When you choose to sign up at mBit Casino alongside the 235+ software driven casino games you are going to find a range of new live dealer games on offer. Whilst some of those games include the more classic casino card games such as Baccarat you are also going to find several new and very unique games on offer.

One of these games is the brand new Wheel of Fortune game, on which the live dealer is going to spin a large onscreen wheel which is divided up into several different segments, and you will be able to place a bet on any of those segments in the hope the one you select is the winning one.


There are 19 different segments which are split up as follows: One of the segments has a Trophy displayed on it, six of the segments are coloured grey, six of the segments are coloured black and the remaining six segments are coloured red. Each of the 18 different coloured segments also has the numbers one to eight printed upon them. Below are the betting opportunities offered on this brand new live dealer casino game along with the associated payout odds.

Number Betting – You can place a bet on any one single number being spun in and you will be rewarded with payouts odds of 17.50 if your chosen number is spun in. You can also pick whether the numbers 1 to 6, 7 to 12 or 13 to 18 will be spun in and those three bets all returned payout odds of 2.90. Two other betting opportunities include bets which will let you select the number spin in will be lower or higher than 9.5 and the payout odds associated with those two bets are 1.95.

Colour Betting – You can place a bet that the number spin in will be Red, Black or Grey and if you place one of those bets and the colour you have selected is spun in your are paid out at odds of 2.90 You may also place a bet that the Trophy symbol will be spun in and the payout odds associated with that particular betting opportunity are 17.50.

Odd and Even Betting – You are paid out at odds of 1.95 if you place an odd or even bet and the number spun in matched your predication. Other bets include spinning in an odd number inside a grey section which returned a payout off 5.85. You can also bet that the number spun in will be even and also in a grey segment of the wheel to receive payout odds of 5.85 if you prediction turns out to be correct once the wheel comes to a stop.

The other possible outcomes of the spin of the wheel include an odd number or an even number spinning in inside the red segment and the odds or black number spinning inside the black colour segment, and the payout odds of all of those four additional bets are 5.85 too.

To make this game as fair as possible every aspect of the game is always in view on the screen, there are two different cameras whose footage is broadcast live directly to your computer screen when you play the live dealer Wheel of Fortune game.

The first is a wide angle shot showing the wheel and the dealer, and there is also a camera which is broadcasting live footage which is zoomed in on the winning arrow and those two camera angles will show you just which number spun in very clearly.