No Deposit Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

One of the newest trends in casino gaming, especially on digital currency casinos, is to offer sign-up bonuses even to those who aren’t making any deposits. While this is a great hook to get players interested in the platform, it doesn’t necessarily seem to make the most business sense. After all, aren’t these platforms just giving away their coins to players who might make several accounts just to withdraw the free digital coins? This is why it’s so important to review the terms and conditions associated with these no deposit bonuses, since they’re rarely as it seems.

Reviewing the Terms

It might seem too good to be true and really, it is. While several digital currency casinos offer no deposit bonuses to players, it’s rare that these bonuses actually become the property of the player. This is because the withdrawal requirements imposed on players are often so beyond the reach of players that it isn’t considered worthwhile to chase the pot. Many times, players will lose the sign up bonus before there’s even a chance to make it their own.

Other times, some digital currencies may require that players actually make a deposit in order to make this bonus a part of their own bankroll. This seems to defeat the purpose of receiving the sign up bonus in the first place, but it is often seen in the terms and conditions of many platforms.

More often than not, players will be required to satisfy various gameplay requirements in order to make their sign up bonuses their own, too. It’s not unusual for platforms to require players to be online for X amount of hours on a daily basis, have played for a certain amount of time, or have played specific games for sets amounts of time.

Chasing the Bonus

So, if all of these terms are imposed on players, why should they even bother chasing the bonus? The answer lies somewhere in becoming more exposed to the platform itself. As players become more accustomed to the games themselves, they’re likely more inclined to participate more thoroughly in what the service has to offer. Similarly, they may be more inclined to make a deposit in the end. Having an additional sign up bonus ensures that players have a substantial amount of “coins” to work with while they’re discovering the service and seeing what it actually has to offer them as a player.

This is the key, since familiarity will often build a community and ensure it has repeat customers who become more likely to deposit and play as time goes on. Players shouldn’t necessarily be discouraged from the fact that it’s quite difficult to see these sign up bonuses become their own. Rather, they should enjoy the fact that the platform is going out of its way to try and establish rapport and build dedicated communities of players who willingly want to engage with one another on the platform. In the end, this ensures Bitcoin casinos will continue to thrive as a whole.