Bitcoin Poker

Ever since the events of Black Friday, the online poker community has been left without many options for playing the game from the comfort of their own homes. For the most part, players in the United States are required to gamble at regulated card houses or on authorized online services, which both provide a portion of the rake back to the state-level government in the form of taxes. Unfortunately, this often skews odds against the player and makes it more difficult to make any sort of profit. Fortunately, the answer lies in digital currency casinos, which exist outside of the law as cyrptocurrencies aren’t legally recognized currencies despite having an ever changing exchange rate to fiat currency.

Choosing an Online Poker Table

One of the most important decisions players need to make in this post Black Friday world is choosing where to make a deposit, since it has become increasingly difficult to operate a card room online in the United States and consequently players are often finding that their bankrolls disappear overnight due to shutdowns and closures. This needn’t be the case when digital currency casinos are growing on a regular basis.

By choosing a casino that’s based on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, bitcoin poker players can rest assured that their deposits will actually still be available the next working day. This is because digital currencies aren’t recognized as legal tender in most countries, so governments have no authority to seize it. In effect, the currency is decentralized: no one single body controls it. It’s made by the people, for the people. That’s just the way it’s going to stay!

Choosing a Winning Table

Now that you’ve made the decision regarding what online service to use, it’s time to choose the winning table itself. There are quite a few ways to go about this.

First, it’s important to scout the information that’s made available to players. This is so much more than just choosing a table in the “beginner’s room” simply because it’s reportedly a beginner’s table. Many card sharks reside in these rooms to take advantage of unsuspecting prey. Instead, players should look towards the two most important values that are usually publicly available: average pot amount and fold percentage. A low average pot amount combined with a high fold percentage usually denotes a beginner’s table, as this is a very passive approach to the game where players are only using premium starting hands.

Bitcoin casinos themselves are based on cutting edge technologies, so players shouldn’t be too hard pressed to find something that suits their playing needs perfectly. Poker is well-catered to within the digital currency community, so it’s just a matter of finding something that gels well with the player and ideally pays off quite a bit. Fortunately, this is easy to discover through reconstructing the block chain and finding out exactly what sort of odds players are going up against. Because of this, the odds tend to be quite favourable for players. Also, because digital currency casinos aren’t saturated, it’s unlikely players will be up against stiff competition for the time being. Strike early.