Provably Fair Bitcoin Casinos

One of the biggest selling points about digital currency gaming is the likelihood that they’re in for a fair deal. This is because most digital currency networks, like Bitcoin, are completely transparent to players and those who want to find out exactly what odds they’re playing for are able to do so: often by reconstructing the block chain in order to find out when the casino is paying out and how much it’s taking in. Of course, players should expect casinos to be in it to make a profit for themselves, but it’s easy to weed out those who are completely in it for themselves (unlike cash casinos, where players will have to find out the hard way or trust user opinion on the Internet).

Introducing Provably Fair

While this all sounds well and good, there is still a concern amongst the players in the digital currency realm: namely, that reconstructing the block chain takes quite a bit of effort and those who simply aren’t up for it won’t find themselves doing all that well sifting through the variety of casinos on offer that dabble in digital currencies. Of course, players can rest assured that they’re likely going to be getting a great deal just by playing on a digital currency casino, but this assurance isn’t necessarily all of what’s needed.

This is where Provably Fair came into play. They’re an independent board of reviewers who accept prospective digital currency casinos and closely monitor their inner workings in order to ensure that players are getting excellent deals from digital currency casinos. They do this by requiring online platforms to submit their details and are independently verified through automated scripts.

How It Works

When a website submits its details for verification, it must satisfy several requirements in order to prove that it’s offering a fair gaming experience for players that’s based on truly random numbers, cards, and results that aren’t preprogrammed in any way. It’s no secret that casinos, both live and online ones, have a reputation for “fixing” games in order to ensure the house comes out on top. However, this isn’t the case due to Provably Fair.

When a website is submitted for verification, an automated script is run against its games using a cryptographic algorithm, based on hash numbers that computes a random number. Any service that fails against this random number on numerous occasions isn’t deemed to be a fair gaming place and is removed from the Provably Fair list. However, those that consistently pass are kept within the database so that players can easily find the fairest, most secure online casino platforms.

What This Means for Players

Do players need to stick with those casinos found within the Provably Fair list? Not necessarily, since the Bitcoin casino platform by its very nature is based on fairness and integrity. However, casino operators would do well to introduce their platforms into the database so that they can offer players peace of mind in knowing that they’re signing up for something that gives them the best possible opportunity to make a ton of coins for themselves.