Bitcoin Roulette

When it comes to games that attract players to the table, it’s hard to find a game that accomplishes more than roulette. The glitz, glamour, and potential high payoffs is definitely a strong driving force behind the game’s popularity as it’s difficult to find a game that offers such a high earning potential (35:1 on single number bets that land) and does so in such a balanced, fair way that isn’t subject to any sort of strategy skewing. Yes, roulette is a game of chance, but that isn’t to say there’s nothing players can do to avoid becoming victimized by their own strategic planning or lack thereof. So, what are some thoughts that players should be bringing to the table? Let’s find out.

Making Smart Bets

Of course, players will be attracted to the thought that they could walk away with 35 coins after placing a single coin on one number and having that number hit, but the actual chance of this happening isn’t all that high. In fact, it’s pretty rare! Instead, players need to focus on making smarter bets in order to capitalize on the chances of winning at a slower, steadier pace.

One of the best ways players can do this is only making option bets: red or black, odd or even, etc. When players do this, they should only commit to one option and playing it until it hits. By the very nature of the game, it’s guaranteed to hit at some point, so players need to stick with it. This may cause some losses in the early going, but these losses will quickly recover themselves and, on a lucky night, players will find themselves making a bit of profit by following this simple technique. No, it’s unlikely to make people millionaires at any point soon, but it will ensure players don’t watch their bankrolls deplete themselves.

Playing Margins

When players have their heart set on playing numbers, then it’s always best to play the margins. These are the areas of the board where players can avoid betting directly on one number and instead increasing the field. Of course, this decreases the payout, but greatly increases a player’s chances of winning.

Choosing a Roulette Wheel

When it comes to Bitcoin casinos, it’s important to know that not every single wheel was created equally. Of course, players will find that digital currency casinos are fairer than true cash casinos as the system itself makes it very difficult for houses to skew the odds in their own favour for too long. This is because players are able to know exactly what sort of odds they’re playing for by reconstructing the block chain. This is the virtual ledger of transactions that take place on the Bitcoin network, which show how many payouts are being made and what sort of rake the house is making. Yes, players should expect the house to have its own earnings to support itself, but how much it’s earning is largely up to its owners. Choose the odds that benefit you.