Bitcoin Slots

bitcoin-slots2Much like a local ice cream parlour’s offerings, Bitcoin slot machines come in a variety of different flavours that suit the tastes of just about every single player who choose to grace the virtual floors of a digital currency casino. However, what are the best machines that players ought to dumping their coins into when they’re looking to add to their bankrolls? There are quite a few schools of thought when it comes to this, so let’s review a few of the slot machines that make regular appearances at cryptocurrency casinos.

Traditional Machines

You know the type. These are the machines that are infused with the cherries, lemons, and brightly coloured sevens. They’re the slot machines that most players conceive when they’re trying to think of what a “slot machine” actually is. They’ve been around since the very beginning and aren’t going to disappear anytime soon, given that they’re such a hot commodity on the casino floor and are universally recognized by players.

From a payoff perspective, it’s wise to stick with traditional machines given the sheer volume of information available pertaining to playing a traditional machine. There are several guides about “how to beat slot machines” and most of these focus on traditional machines, but it’s important not to get too swept up in the idea that it’s possible to beat the house using a traditional machine. It only seems that way because “hot machines” are primed to payoff a jackpot more often than a novelty machine, when they’re recognized on the floor that is.

So, how can players recognize the machines that are ready to payoff a huge amount of coins? The answer lies in how many times the machine has been spun before a jackpot payoff. Those that have been spun excessively without payment are more likely to payoff a jackpot than those that are being spun irregularly. This isn’t to say that all machines of this nature will payoff a jackpot, but the odds are more in a player’s favour.

Hybrid Machines

Hybrid slot machines are making appearances in Bitcoin casinos because of their popularity in European locations, where they’re known under such names as “fruit machine” in the United Kingdom. They don’t follow the conventional slot machine wisdom of drop a coin and pull a lever, but do offer a more in-depth gaming experience as players will have to follow a game that’s happening on their screen in order to earn spins and possibly earn coins.

As it stands, hybrid machines aren’t the best bet in a casino as they’re largely misunderstood by the North American audience, but also because there are several opportunities to slip up and lose out. The payoff rates are comparable to those of novelty machines, too, so players shouldn’t go making things harder on themselves.

Novelty Machines

Novelty slot machines are experiencing a surge in popularity as of late. Movies, sports personalities, and television shows have been regularly turned into novelty machines in aims of drawing in casual players. For the most part, they work, but players shouldn’t be under the guise that they’re in any way more likely to payoff a jackpot. As a matter of fact, they aren’t.

What novelty machines do accomplish are more regular payoffs in smaller amounts. For players who believe slow and steady wins the race, then they’d do well to play these machines. However, it’s extremely rare to see jackpots being won on these machines: significantly more so than traditional machines.