Bitcoin Video Poker

One of the newest additions that’s starting to make the rounds across digital currency casinos is the video poker machine. Unlike other variants of poker, video poker removes the element of human interaction from the game and instead turns it into a game that’s almost similar to slot machines. This means, for the most part, strategy can be eliminated entirely since there’s no real human element to the game. However, this doesn’t mean that strategy can be ignored altogether since there are indeed strategies that can be brought to a video poker machine. What are they? Let’s find out.

Considering The Deal

Starting hand selectivity plays one of the most important roles in poker, whether it’s video poker or that played around the felt with other players. Without it, players might as well be wildly throwing their chips into the machine and hoping for the best. This in effect turns the game into something that’s gambling, which poker enthusiasts agree just isn’t the case since strategic thought can be brought into the mix.

So, what should players be on the lookout for? Well, given that many video poker machines are based on five card draw, players should be looking for made hands that come out within the initial deal. These could be as little as a pair, which automatically ensures the player walks away with at least something (usually double the initial bet). However, these in actual practice are rare and it’s more common to see a mix of a variety of cards. This is where having “poker eyes” comes into play.

Suited connectors, connecting, or same suited cards are a great place to start since they build to straight and flush potential (and sometimes a straight flush). When these make an appearance, then it’s not unwise to play on as if players have created a made hand. Many times, players will find that they’re onto something when they choose to press on and often create the straights or flushes that they’re after.

Knowing When to Fold

Unfortunately, not every hand will be a made one and players need to know when to fold altogether. This will be when there is no obvious chance of creating a winning hand in the next deal, since there’s nothing truly to improve on. Sure, players might have pair potential, but in the grand scheme of things there’s no logical reason to play on and contribute more coins to the machine if required should players not be confident in what they’re holding.

Using Wild Cards

Wild cards are an interesting addition to video poker machines. In Bitcoin casinos, they tend to show up more often than not, but players often feel obligated to play these hands as if they’re on the verge of something special. Most of the time, players will only end up with high pairs. While it’s obviously a winning hand and is worth betting on, players shouldn’t get too committed to the idea that they’re going to walk away with a big win just because of a wild card.